Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | February 29, 2012

Jagan, What a man!!

Have you seen this man? Man? No? He comes out of the house; the Sun shies away and seeks help from clouds to cover it. He walks a step forward in the beach; Sea water sucks itself 122 meters inside. When he fled abroad, statistics say, earth revolved thrice as fast to bring up the destination soon. He just stares; and a magnet’s North Pole sticks to another North Pole – in fear. You might wonder who that is. I never did. I knew.

It’s Jagan. (Machi, Intro Ok?)

(As a remedy for having to write such a first paragraph, this blog will remain shut down for ten days after this guy’s marriage 😉

I met Jagan first – around two and a half years ago. It was just a week or so in Cognizant then. Before meeting him, I had made a friend in the first one week – Viswa, who was a manager in Infosys previously. Quite a nice guy and was soft-spoken. So soft that he could not even refuse a ‘developer-work’ in ‘.NET reporting Services’ – even though he was a ‘manager’ in ‘Networking’. Total-Role-Domain conflict, yet he was untiringly delivering something to his best. I was asked to work with him initially. Days moved dry.


Hey, Jagan, Good luck 🙂

In such a period, Jagan came forward one day greeting me. He offered to take me to the induction meeting in Tidel Park from our office, although I was reluctant initially. For me, it was not a friendship at-first-sight. I was really doubtful whether I should make a friend out of him. I was hoping he would give me a ride back home from Tidel Park, but he cited reasons of meeting some of his friends nearby, and left me. (Machi, nee munne kelambuda!) I decided against befriending him.

But, in the first few days, two forces united us. One is Viswa. Another is our manager Eltho. We both always had something in common to talk and laugh loud about these two. We never held us back in making fun of anyone and laughing loud – even in front of relevant people. I might say, we were one of the key factors for which Viswa moved out of our project very quickly 😉

I remember one night – when Eltho was saying seriously about his own life and background, he noted he hailed from Kilpauk (a place known for hospital of mentally-challenged) and we burst into non-stop loud laughter for no-reasons in front of everyone, leaving Eltho standing with a hopeless look at us. While the client call was on, we’d be laughing hysterically again for no-reasons, keeping the phone on mute. We had code-named almost anyone whom we met on the floor. We had named a person ‘Sintex’, a brand of water barrels, for the person resembled it by structure. We did not exempt the Unit Operations Manager ‘Partha’ (two in a box!), the VP ‘Yoosuf’ (he answers just about everything except your question!), AVP ‘Uma’ (Even Yoosuf yawns when he talks!).

If we go out for lunch, we’d consider all means to delay going back to work. Even if we reach the entrance at last, Jagan would suggest – ‘Machi, let’s go that way around and come back here. It’d be cool!’ If we approach the seat, I’d suggest – ‘Machi, let’s go to restroom before we get to our seats!’ After coming out of restroom, he’d suggest – ‘Hey, I’ve lost water content in the body, let’s go get some water’ and we’ll walk towards the water filter. And then, ‘hey, I’m tired because of long-time walking. Let me grab a coffee!’ 😉 This behavior at times tested the patience of our manager Varadh (after Eltho) and he kept us under radar since he could not find us in the seats for most of the day.

Even at work, we got bored quickly every day. Although seated just opposite, we used to ping through messenger and ‘appreciate’ each other. I’d say ‘Jagan, what a man!! Simply amazing!’ He’d reply – ‘Machi, You are a rocker! Mindblowing machan!’ When we fail to find more words to appreciate, we’ll start typing Tamil film songs’ lyrics. I’d type – ‘Andha vaanatha pola..’ and he’d counter by ‘Babaaa.. Cinema… Cinema..!’ – A totally unrelated, unarguable and bewildering reply 😉 He’s got unique talents in such matters, you see! But we somehow kept the work going on-schedule mostly and did not face major hiccups.

I was a frequent (Ok, let’s say consistent) late-comer to office. During the normal day shifts, I came at 12 o Clock, and hence Eltho offered me to take up After-noon shifts starting at 1 o Clock. But I made my mark again by frequently coming at 2:30 PM. Jagan tried to give a close competition to me one day and came at 2:30 PM. But, I remained undefeated by coming at 4:00 PM that day!

If we went to Technical Training on some advanced topics, we had occupied the last-row seats; made fun of the instructor or the people sitting in the front row. If we talked with some concern and seriousness during the training, it was all about the most-worrisome thing – where to have the day’s lunch. Like all my friends and me, he was high on his passions about food. Because he used to drop me off from office, we ended dining frequently at some of the best non-vegetarian hotels.

The fun we had at work, peaked when two more joined us – Meganadh and Harish. We had lots of fun at work – because ‘the idea of us working-together’ or even ‘the idea of us working at first place’ was funny. At times when we did not even work towards a stable delivery, Harish and Meganadh were fighting about their ‘billability’ (‘I’m 100% billable in this project’, ‘then, I’m 200% billable’). This blog would need a separate section to write about them.

On a serious note, Jaganathan Neelakandan was technically strong, and was a good mentor. He moved with people of all ages quite well and smooth. His communications were good and he had always put forth his opinions in an undeniable manner, even though they might get denied. He is a film-freak and loves all genres of cinema. He makes fun of anything under the sun and takes things lightly. But when something pisses him off, he’s strongly motivated to face / be against it. He values relationships, a reason why he has relatively more number of good friends. His accent of Tamil by itself is funny with a hilarious delivery of words. His most uttered words were (at least towards me) – ‘Paradesi’ / ‘Ngo**a’ / ‘Chey’ / ‘therika vidrada’ / ‘thaaru maaru’ 🙂 He shared some of his personal life events although I kept mum about my personal life like I did with all my ‘best friends’. (Surjith, now don’t complain!)

Now Jagan is on way to get married, and is soon to start a new era of his life. I wish him all the best. Machi, May you have happier moments and greater achievements!

What a man, you’re simply amazing da!’ 🙂

~ Boopalan Jayaraman ~



  1. very true.. good one 🙂

    • thx 🙂

  2. Machi…. Simply u r the Man da!!!!! Totally rocking!!! Great recap of initial days machan… Miss u dude 😦

    • Miss you too machi 🙂 Great that you stepped into an important role already 🙂 Keep rocking

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