Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | October 17, 2011

Thank you, Logitech..!

Drafting a resignation mail is easier.  Unless I’m being fired, I can say I’m moving for a new better-long-awaited-revolutionizing opportunity (even though it is definitely not so), how much I love this organization, and thank my immediate manager for all his/her support. I believe Managers don’t even read that last bit of thanking for support. But drafting a last day mail is never an easy task.  This would get marked to many of the people I really dealt with. And it would be better to speak a little truth and recollect the moments.

We often associate music with the moments of our life.  When we hear some old tracks at a later point of time, we get to remember the events happened in our life during the time span when we actually started to listen to it.  Hence they become nostalgic.  Organizations do the same thing. Just like a school or college, an Organization is associated with several things, various experiences and relationships which we may remember forever or like to forget at once.

In that way, Logitech – which is a combination of people and their culture – will be remembered forever in my life, for my life took really sharp turns when I was here. It gave me beautiful moments to ponder over. It gave me beautiful new relationships while some existing ones got worse.  It offered chances to gain knowledge and experiment them at work. The learning was really aplenty. Logitech will lose nothing by my absence, but I’ll be a loser to good extent without Logitech, its culture, and the relationships which I’ll miss a lot in everyday’s life.

I may not have run an extra mile here and it was not my best, compared to my previous assignments at Satyam and Cognizant. But, out of all, my life was at its best only when I was here – with an equal composition of learning, challenge, work and fun.

I’ll be more than happy to get an opportunity to be with you guys again. And it is more than just words.

Thank you, Logitech.

~ Boopalan Jayaraman ~



  1. Good luck in all your future endeavors !

    • Hey viswanth, thanks sire! Good to see you here.. Where are you now..

  2. All the very best for your future endeavours

    • Thanks a lot, wish you the same..

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