Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | October 17, 2011

Remembering everyone!!

I almost tried to maintain the order by which I met them in real life and skipped few intentionally since I may write separate posts.

Ramesh:  As an interviewer. Like I said, his questions were not that tough, but understanding the question was tough at first place. If not for his first nod, I’d not have stepped in to Logitech. We all hold a brotherly affection towards him. Nice man. Anyhow, I’d not forget how he used me, K2 and any-other-HP-aspirants only to write unit test cases in HP (harmony platform).  He was little excited when he was about to travel to Toronto. I remember he showed Habib’s daughters’ drawings (which were left here) over video call to Habib – and said “Per paper, you’ll have to pay me 100 Dollars”. He dint come on video call for many days hiding all his activities over there.  [A separate post on him might follow soon!]

Siva:  After the first interview by Ramesh was over, I was asked to meet Siva. Since I’ve been told he might ask me to explain my roles and project details, I was busy recollecting those details. Unfortunately nothing came to my mind. But his first question was – “So, When can you join us?” Oh, this sounds like an out-of-syllabus question! So, to confirm, I asked – “Does that mean I cleared the interview?” to which he answered – “Yes, you did.” Agility of fishes is at its best, when there is a shark behind. I’m sure he was one shark behind us in the earlier days driving all the teams. He was constantly keeping in touch about our performance, motivating us (for ex. Hotel Fortune and other programs ) and giving suggestions.  He asked me to move to the-then to-be-formed new team called bees, for which I may provide guidance on our processes since it’d almost be an all-cognizant-member team.  I initialy said “no”. He’d said that he’d then look at alternative options. And the rest is history. Yes, I was moved to Bees. His story of rising from a Srilankan migrant in Canada to a leader of the organization was inspiring.

Gokila and Jayakumar: These were the first two people I met on Logitech, after attending the interview. They were busy writing some code and I think it was something about Google TV gizmo. Gokila is a nice person to work with. And Jayakumar brings fun at work. During my last project – Odin, I saw them to be real team players.

Jean Paul:  I’ve not worked much with him. As far as I worked, I did not enjoy it. 😉 But possibly a cool dude.

Vinu Preetha:  She was a good friend those days. Being a good designer, she really had gained name by her performance. I wrote one of her brain-bench certifications, and thought I was going to get a “fail”, but somehow ended up with a score that was her highest in that cycle  😉 

Meganadh:  He was one of the few best friends I had in Cognizant. Meg worked with me in previous project too. Days before he joined cognizant in my project, my manager used to say “A new person named Megna(dh)  will join us shortly”.  I and my friend Jagan was excited to assume a girl named Magna was going to join us. My manager’s flawed pronunciation hyped our expectations. He asked for release from my previous project for the sake of Logitech’s one and got released. But he could attend Logitech’s interview only after I got through – which was almost a month later. A conversation between our manager and him – “Manager: Hey Meg, so you prepared that document?  Meg:  I have. Manager: Oh, have you? Can we review? Meg:  (pausing for a moment) I said – I have to.”

Shun: He’s an ever-smiling person and always takes things easy. He keeps his cool at any situations, or at least pretends to be so. He best fits into the role of Scrum-master-cum-developer 😉 and can fit into it for any longer duration 😉 Right after my interview, I had to meet Shun and Meg at Cognizant, to explain about the Logitech interview process and expectations. I did not know then, that I’d come under his team finally. I wish I knew it 😉

Swami: I saw him first, attending the interview after me. I could not believe initially that anyone could speak a language that fast. I could feel the pain of Ramesh. When people spoke by words, he spoke by paragraphs. Nice man. Eloquent in at least five languages .  Guided me in few instances – technically and personally. 

Prasanna: He was fondly referred to as “thala” meaning Chief / head of the department.  😉 He was people’s leader 😉 and ran a transparent administration system. He had to shift the stand-up time frequently for my sake. Guided me in many instances. He retained a wide popularity among Cognizant associates as he was responsible for taking accounts on everyone’s special allowances, thus remaining an influential personality. He’s very much interested in World cinema.

Karthik D:  He was known to both me and my friend Jagan. He was quite a nice guy to work with. And also, quite a quiet guy 😉 I often try to learn the secret how he sticks to his seat from morning to evening and works / appears committed.  He got me a headwear for wearing it under my helmet while riding bike (thanks Karthik!). But by then, my bike was long gone in a theft.  And I could not tell that to him at that moment both to not disappoint him and to hide my disappointment.

Venu: Venu is a daring, little loud-mouthed but fun-loving, technically sound guy. I still don’t forget how much we have laughed together for reasons unknown in Kunal’s farewell lunch. His secret stories were interesting. He gave my name a mention in his blog merely for something I suggested lightly. I don’t know if it is still there 😉 but he was a nice friend. Scope of my knowledge and research got really expanded – when I collaborated with him in facebook – for exploring people like Sonakshi Krishnamoorthy (Level two actress) and discussing topics such as Anjali’s adventures on new-year eve.  He recently shared a revolutionary video in facebook about what ought not to be done at airports [A video of x-ray scan of a man breaking wind at security counters!]. That shows how detail-oriented he is 🙂

Shreyansh: The loud laughter of Shrey (whenever he bursts into one) will spark off an enthusiasm on the crowd too. When he joined, it was little difficult for some in the team to pronounce his name. Especially K2 re-named him as “Shrenj” as in “strange” because he was comfortable calling him so. He shared the home with Paurva, before Paurva tied a knot, and was kind enough to share with us the little funny incidents happened. He’s bold, technically sound, and straightforward.  

Athaur: Being a technically sound guy, he developed a ‘favorites control’ very soon after joining, only to become one of the favorites of the team. We used to go to movies together, but after one movie, really the rarest of its kind – we stopped going to movies at all. Unlike his duo Venu, he is usually quiet. But he has never hesitated to speak his mind.

Paurva: Working with Paurva is fun and enthusiasm together 😉 Suddenly he finds a bug one day in Production and the whole team gets on toes,  only to find later that the application has not even gone live yet. But that speaks something about his energy and enthusiasm. There were several incidences with which we related Paurva often – such as making the deployment to Superbad server when the deployment was asked for Ace server, such as saying first “There is a serious issue with the application, I create an account and it always creates a Pepsi Account” and find out later he created the accounts with the remote plugged-in which caused that supposedly-right behavior. These things he might even have forgotten now. But those little, harmless mistakes kept our day with all fun.  In domain, he was strong.  And while arguing, he was stronger. During any of the retrospectives, his points were undeniable or he surely made them sound so. He is a good man at base. Paurva, in your words, “You’re my best friend” 😉

Anand: He was a mini-version of Ramesh for Bees. I mean, he had almost the habits of Ramesh in a truncated form. He worked mostly with HP. During the planning day, I’d have thought to work on something in HP, and the next day when I step in to the office, Anand would have already started working on it. I often suspected Prasanna had a role in this plot 😉 Anand, I, Prasanna, along with Karthik D formed the “movie committee” of Bees and we did not stop easily once we started discussing about movies and world events. Really a good man. If he starts reading the reviews of any product or gadget, you can be assured that he’d grab one, but at least “few months” later. I hope he enjoys reading reviews.

Santhosh: If a tall palm tree had eyes, mouth, legs, hands and a smile, it would be “thambi” santhosh. We maintained special fondness towards him as our younger brother, no matter whether he does not give a pass to our functionality developed, or messes up with the acceptance criteria as QA. First, it was hard for me to believe that he eats only vegetarian food. He was one of the motivating forces, trusting always that my code would never break and it’d never fail to work too. I had to concentrate better sometimes only for keeping my name with him 😉 He was our sole guide to Tiruvanmiyur Tea shops while we were in bad need of egg-bondas. His understanding of the product was amazing.  He’ll go to places with his spirit on.

 Sneeja: She is someone who was viewed like a ‘kid’ by friends because of her innocent questions and slang, but has a matured thought process at times. I first got introduced to her in the ground floor during LARC – First anniversary events and games. It was the infamous bangle-and-straw game that I played with the team standing next to her – drew attention of my close mates and was a subject of fun from then. She was one of the beneficiaries by my leaving since she demanded small gifts regularly. She’s sharp or at least pretends to be so, and picks up technical things when I discuss with her. She’s god-fearing and also code-fearing!! 😉

Suresh T: Suresh, who joined as a tech lead, quickly accepted me as a friend. He was our (Me & Murugan) guide and shared his experiences on life during break-timings. He is certainly an interesting character, and a technically capable person. He displays enough maturity while dealing with things – be it technical or personal. I and Karthik.D can’t easily forget a code review by him for our code where he did a line-by-line review and had a review comment for each of those lines. Nice person. 

Haq: A person who adheres to Islamic moral values strictly. Naturally a honest  and loyal person, bearing an innocent smile always. A hard worker, who wants to keep himself updated on new things. He was one of the reasons why I had to complete some code on time. Seated right behind me, he kept on checking on the status of code that he should have used on his tasks, pushing me to delivery of the code items.

Sasireka: Although I did not interact much with her,  she became a good friend towards the last. A girl with a good attitude, she is interested in meditation. Being a calm person, she concentrates just on the work assigned, like a dedicated professional.

Doug: Doug, as a director of Software engineering, was an inspiring and influential personality. His way of management and communication was simply admired by fellow mates. It was a lunch at Fortune, in which I got introduced to Doug first. When invited, he started thanking each one of us for inviting him to the lunch at Fortune. We were bewildered because we were told that Doug was taking us for the lunch, and especially Prasanna started sweating who otherwise had to bear the expenses as a Scrum master 😉 Later, Siva had to call doug and inform about it. 🙂 During the team lunch, Prasanna tried to explain what “Paani Poori” means, to Doug – with an elementary explanation – “Paani means water, so it’s water poori.” And Paurva taught him how to eat it – “You should straight away put into your mouth.” After that Doug took a piece of paper and asked one of us to write down the name of it so that he can remember what to eat next time. But I strongly believed – that he maintained that list to remember what NOT to eat in India next time 😉 I still could remember the fun we had at a party he (along with Donna) threw on the occasion of Paurva’s marriage. During meetings, he had always put forth undeniable reasons and arguments in a compelling yet polite way. He was a motivating force for all the team members. He never held himself back from appreciating any accomplishments, however small it may be.

~ Boopalan Jayaraman ~

[Note: This post will be updated at intervals – as soon as I get reminded of something to write. You may check frequently if you would like to read, or you may follow (subscribe for) this.]



  1. I cant forget the last movie we went “Chikku Bikku” nothing less than horrible. After that you never dared to book tickets for movie.

    • Yes, that is what I really meant. 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Hope you are doing grt.I wonder you have taken initiative to remember small things and update here. 🙂 good to see that. I still remember the jokes and comments you were making while working (seemed to be working). Esp goundamani jokes. 🙂 and the day you called up prasanna and informed tht you will come late since it was ammavasai. That was the highlight. Those days were funfilled and joyfull though i stayed only short time there. I guess you have taken a step ahead in your career. Congrats and all the best!! Keep rocking and be fun loving as usual 🙂


    • Hi Vinu,

      Good to see you here, 🙂 thanks for your wishes!

      Yes, Those days were fun-filled. We miss it.

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