Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | October 13, 2011

Yo Karthik! Cheerio!

Ah, I did not think I’d start to write a post again in my blog. It’s more than an year’s time after I last scribbled something in this space. Blame it on my ‘friends’! I’ve never been so occupied with friends in my lifetime as I did in the past one-and-half year in Logitech. And in the history of my six-plus years of IT, I’ve never enjoyed a good work place that allowed me “not to over-work” and that sometimes allowed me “not to work at all”. Again it was made possible, only by the cool dudes, I was surrounded with.

I start to write again for, one of such dear fellas, K2 alias Karthikeyan, who is on his last working day with the organization today.

I still remember the day I was sent in for the client-interview with Logitech from Cognizant. I was strongly warned about “the interviewer(s)” who did not hesitate to ‘reject’ any candidate who was not up to the mark. The last rejection they made got escalated to the senior managements of both organizations. It all had built a heavy expectation into me. The interviewer came, asked questions that were seemingly tough, but kinda easy if we try a little.

Guess who the tough interviewer was? None but “Ramesh”. Clearing his interview made me become the one-and-only cognizant member of the-then ‘Team Ace’. Bees was not born and was not even conceived then.

Man, it was totally an awkward experience to be seated with these guys in the initial days – second floor – the current DCG bay. They spoke within themselves. They laughed together. Ramesh had a commanding language and looked more like a strict lecturer. [Now regardless of his commanding, ordering, shouting, screaming, or crying, we give only little ears 😉 ]. He did not even allow me to touch the code for so long. Under his leadership, I made my first check-in with much pride only after a month I joined. Kudos to him. 😉 He gave me a self-authored netrics setup document in which he missed two important double-quotes in the command line resulting in a non-terminated string, and I never setup the netrics successfully then. 😉

Ragu’s tone was adamant and for me he looked more of a ‘show-it-off’ natured guy, initially. For anything I tried to say in the initial days, he started replying something like – “No, In SCRUM,…” and went on to put all the reasons why my statement was not possible. He was one of the guys who were vocal during retrospective meetings and was the sole reason for prolonged retrospective and planning meetings. 😉 I still remember, in my first pre-planning meeting how he asked me to tell about myself, with a shrugging-off gesture – “it is just to break the ice!” which made me think if he was one of those Maucalay’s children. 😉

Murugan’s tireless and endless speech-giving abilities, made me think if I should buy a cotton roll. That one product orientation session he gave me was more than enough for the next one year. He was packed with so-much information, and I was afraid to go his side to say even a “hi” for few days. If I go to ask him a doubt, he’d ask me 5 other questions only with the good intention of making me understand the concept, but I’d feel feverish after those questions and run to my desk back. 😉 [But, it’s needless to say that these three above made into a great friends for me, ultimately!]

Thangaraj was a guy who I could speak with, normally. No fears. No show-offs. He introduced me the Unit testing concepts and guidelines. He explained the concepts well. But for whatever doubt I asked, he explained only about Unit testing. Kunal was okayish and helped at times, but with his wanna-be-MVP efforts (in which he was successful later) I could hardly get in touch with him.

Now It started to be worrisome. Either people in the team din’t talk. Or if they talked, they din’t stop. If they talked a little, they’re a show-off. No introduction in the technology. No introduction on the source code. To increase my diarrohea, the web solution contained 85 projects, and the platform solution contained 96 projects then. They allowed to write only little code. Later, they deleted that little piece, in the name of a Code review process. As additional overhead, this SCRUM blah-blah, they did stand-ups, sit-ups, and spent half of the sprint in meetings. (Moreover, they expected me to be on time for stand-ups.)

First we go for pre-planning meetings. Next day for a retro meeting. In the evening we go for the demo meeting. Next day, wholly on Planning meeting. In the middle of sprint, some design meetings. In the evenings, some impediment meetings and solution meetings with toronto counterparts. Meantime, Someone reported in retro to add technology learning meetings during a sprint. When all of this got over, Srini called for One-on-One meetings. If we take up a long breathe and come out, Management calls for a town-hall meeting. When we thought all the rain’s over, there came Cognizant calling for a monthly meeting. God bless you, my child!

In this situation, K2 was a sigh of relief for me. Seated next to him, he was my single point of contact for everything. Although he answered nothing, I liked him because he did not roar and he did not meow too. For me, He was like me. He laughed for anything I said, even if it did not make sense, or even if it was something sarcastic about him. He was the sole reason I learned Silverlight at first, and he was the sole reason why I could NOT master it yet. At first we both claimed to be from Erode, and then learned that I was actually from Vellakovil, and he was actually from Pungar-Colony NEITHER of which make into Erode’s locality.

He was soft-spoken. He never got angry. May be because, in his (work/real) life he dealt with girls, and he’s become smooth towards everyone. He adopted me as one of his close friends easily. Closer to the extent that he even allowed me to dig into his personal life experiences. He respected the relationship in everything except food-related matters. Not his fault. Our entire gang was so obsessed with food (esp., non-vegetarian) that we had killed generations of chicken and fishes so far. He is always available for help, outside. Especially during ‘office’ hours.

He never spoke much during meetings. But when he spoke, he had got a point. He never criticized anyone for the sake of gaining a name. He never showcased something he knew, rather he had let it out in actions. His soft nature was sometimes misinterpreted as being weak. [Like, my non-involvement in things being dubbed into a not-so-strong case 😉 Ahem, I should take right opportunities to talk about myself too 😉 ]. Technically, he remained strong and was open to new things.

His connection with the TCS office which was on the same floor was interesting. When he started liking second floor for particular reasons, we got moved to fifth floor. When we got moved back to second floor after months, the TCS had already vacated the building and moved off. God really disposes.

His English appeared funny for me from initial days. May be because, we both had funny accent those days. One day when the girl of his interest crossed his way, he wanted to exclaim about the coincidence – by “How great god is!” but instead he ended up yelling – “How god, great is!!” Man, we rolled on floor laughing, amidst his kicks. There is not a limit for the fun we had on elnet second floor, elnet fifth floor, elnet cafe, elnet water tank, Tidel park cafe, Tiruvanmiyur tea shops, the overhead bridge, Ascendas, etc. We had that charm together to make the moments into beautiful memories.

Hey K2, May you have happier moments and greater achievements, wherever you go – provided that we also have equally happier moments and equally greater achievements 😉

In your words, I wish we exclaim often together – “How god, great is“. 🙂

~ Boopalan Jayaraman ~

Note: I’d like to write further on my logitech memories, if time permits.



  1. Fantastic BJ!! None can better define K2 than this..

    After reading this post I thought “how BJ, great is”

    All the Best K2. Keep in touch 🙂

    • thanks 😉 it all comes by itself, when talking about k2 😉

  2. Hey! Chanceless….

    • thanks 🙂 by the way, that great is for K2, or my blog? 😉

      Anyhow, I take it for my blog.. he he 🙂

  3. Maa raja 🙂 still waiting for you in office 🙂 come maa 🙂

    You have almost got everything right (except about me ;P)

    K2 u2 rock my friend

    • Maa..! You’re my best friend ragu 😉

  4. 🙂 memorieeeessss……….. Nice one Boo, as always…

  5. Boo, i thought u r good in reading.. but ur good in writing too….

    Fantastic stuff about K2….but u missed a point.. K2 was so committed.. not to his 2nd floor GAL 🙂

    yeah.. and really “How Boo, great is..”

    • Yes.. K2’s commitment in anything and everything is going to take him to ‘places’!! 😉

  6. Yo K2!!!! Wish you a great future ahead. Nice summary Boopu 😉

    • Hey Kunal, good to see you here! 🙂

  7. Good one Boopalan.

    Wish you all the very best K2 🙂

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