Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | October 31, 2009

My experiments with truth (and lie)..

Posted on MOTA a while ago.

Well, Savi & Kavi make me write, again.

I tried to present here twenty-four facts about me, which very few people on earth know, and a lie which, for now, only I am aware of.

1. I had been a bell-boy in my primary schooling – 5th standard. It was a respectable job that time, and there was an indirect competition to hold that position among us. I did all my schooling in two government schools at my hometown. Nice phase of my life.

2. I was not able to do ’subtraction’ properly right from the beginning of my schooling – especially at the concept of borrowing-from-next-digit and subtracting. My mother used to bang on my head and pinch on my thighs, but none could shake my spirit of doing additions instead of subtractions. [I knew only addition better. So, for every subtraction problem, i would do addition first. ;-) ]

3. I like Tamil. I like to be idetified as a Tamil. I strongly believe that studying in one’s own mother tongue would greatly improve his/her thinking abilities and creativity.

4. I had the strange habit of sucking my right thumb along with rotating my hair in the front, during sleep, till my sixth standard.

5. I’m a son (the only son) of my father’s second wife. My dad is bigamy. My step-mother and my mother are sisters. I have a brother and two sisters (born to periamma).

6. I prefer drinking tea over coffee. I like pakodas / bondas that my mother prepares when it rains heavily out.

7. I used to paint. But the hobby stopped gradually.

8. My father never had hit me – from my childhood to now – for any reasons. I used to start crying just if he scolded.[Now, no effect!]

9. I and my father watched only one movie together in a theatre so far. That movie was – ‘The Lost world’ (Jurassic Park sequel)

10. I did not know what was the usage of word “should” even after getting to college. I learnt to form complete sentences in english only during second semester. [before that, only memorizing the paragraphs]. For the first two semesters, I was made the representative of the class (because I was the topper). But the moment I start speaking in front of the class, the class will start laughing rolling on the floor. To make the matters worse, English lecturer would read out loud each one’s exam paper, and make fun. Once, When my paper neared, I said I had vomiting sensation, left the class, returned only after her period was over. Friends said she had not read out my paper since I was not there.

11. I presented a paper on the usage of GPS receivers for automated vehicle system, et al, in IIT Roorkee and NIT Trichy. The same had been invited to European Navigation Conference, but I did not attend. I enjoyed a little special status in my college because of this. To an extent that, I and other three members were invited by Police Force [Special Task Force] – to capture the then bandit (now late) Veerapan using technology. My college E.O and the task force leader were class-mates, and E.O spoke about us to them. By the time we understood what they wanted, they had already encountered Veerapan and buried.

12. Two girls had proposed me – during my college days.

13. My favorite kings from the history are – Rajendra Chola & Raja Raja Chola.

14. My favorite Tamil historical Novel is ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ which touches upon the part of life of Raja Raja Chola. I like reading Sherlock Holmes collections.

15. I maintain a mini-library in home – contains Technology Books, Tamil-historical & English Novels, General Books. Books are my friends. My two Laptops are girl-friends ;-)

17. I was an angry but equally romantic kid during my primary schooling. I used to keep iron-design pieces from my father’s workshop then, for playing. Once one of my class mates (4th standard) made an insulting fun, and I banged with that iron-piece on his head. On the other side of my schooling, I used to kiss my mama’s daughter inside the room, while our parents sit in the hall. [She passed away two years ago]

18. Once I was playing cricket during 12th standard. There came a ball for an easy hit. My bat swung. A kid who was merely watching the game, came running from behind, and I hit it on his face. I stood guilty while the boy screamed with blood on his face. My brother undertook medical expenditure for him. But the scar in his face? He is not going to forget me. I started forgetting that game.

19. I intentionally kept myself out of MOTA for sometime. Do not ask reasons. [I know you won’t]

20. My favorite movies are – “Anbe Sivam” (Kamalahaasan), “Pursuit of happyness” (Will smith). Although I watched many better movies after them.

21. I did little business in the short period – before joining the company after college. I wrote a software and sold for Rs.10000, to one of the spinning mills in my hometown. Heard after sometime, that they had to re-install the operating system in few months. [Not sure why ;-) ]

22. The theme of my final year project was the theme of my paper. We designed a small vehicle that is assisted by a GPS receiver. The vehicle never moved in its life time. Towards the final demo, GPS receiver breathed its last. It stopped working. And I had to run a predefined program in the computer that already had “hard-coded” GPS values. I animated them to move up as if they were live entries from GPS. However, assessor appeared doubtful of something.

23. My favorite non-vegetarian food is Parota and Ginger chicken curry.

24. I hate when people value money more than their own security, life and happiness.

25. I develop attachments towards people / objects around me. I am senti-mental (as kavitha would term it)

And, all ye people want to know who is next in line? Let me pass it to “Abhi”. Someone wake him up and tell this news!



  1. you ve said of all the points one is a lie , its not 2 gals who proposed you must be 200 or so ,am i rite ;))))

    By the way man these days i ve missed your blogs….. very interesting facts to know abt u man………..

  2. Hmmm..i think you are a great person in the way you have shaped your own future boo and i adore you for that..your command over english has become excellant (in my standards atleast) and i know you are a role model for some people around you (that includes me in some cases)…But i guess you are still a mystery / less understandable at times dear friend…..Sorry to say this here….Keep writing more

    • I almost shed tears on reading this..! 😉

      Baalaji, I’ve grown up watching you and your great qualities.. [Not that I’m very younger.. But, by saying ‘grown up’, i mean professionally 😀 ]

      You inspired me to write blogs & read various authors and watch great english movies [‘really good’ movies – Not to be taken in other contexts].. I mean, you introduced me a different world. In other words, It is me who is following you.


  3. I really like ur choice of words 🙂 10th was hilarious and i liked the 25th 🙂
    Would luv to read more of ur blog, keep posting:)

    • Hey Suvina, good to see you here 🙂 thanks for your comments..!!!

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