Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | July 19, 2009

The Haunted Manor…

It was just 9.30 PM, not too late in the night for us IT coolies – species’ which usually knock the door of home at midnight – only to see the great-Khali-like face of its mother / wife. Sometimes I wondered if the ghostly figures [if ever existed] which ruled the world of nightmares once, have started departing the world because we invaded their time and space.

I was alone in the floor. Not something new. I used to bang my head against the monitor messing up pieces of code – transforming them from the state of being ‘unlikely-to-work’ code to ‘never-going-to-work’ code, at midnights till sometime ago – every time alone in the floor. But that practice gradually decreased after hearing something – a rumor or real story – that a person in the same floor took several sleeping pills notwithstanding the work stress and made a successful expedition to the underworld on one fine Friday night. That the body was not disturbed for two holidays, found to be dead only by Monday early morning and was taken away. All happened some two years ago.

Several interesting stories, from then, started floating around. That the guard, who visited for formal check in all the floors a midnight, heard some strange noises of vessels continually falling and rolling down in topmost floor (cafeteria). The shivering guard almost ran through stairs and reached ground floor to join fellow guards. Next early morning, being able to bring some courage, he visited the cafeteria with another guard [guard-to-guard?] to check what had happened last night. The vessels were placed where they used to be, and seemed to be undisturbed. There was no sign of a single vessel having rolled / fallen, leaving the guard more puzzled.

One of my colleagues reportedly had seen the movement of rolling-sun-slides on the glass window, as if they were opened by two (invisible) hands. Certainly not moved by these stories, I used to sit alone. I was usually courageous, at least, till the clock struck 10.30 PM everyday. Since it was only 9.30, thinking it was too early to be afraid, and believing there could not be a better ghost than me in appearance and behavior, I was sitting there attending a personal call. A person crossed my workstation and just went inside (taking a right turn behind the wall). It was a familiar face although I did not know who and I did not care to know who.

I continued to concentrate on some naughty sites rather than on code as usual and was brought back to senses by few maintenance personnel who were switching off lights in the areas except mine. After they left, I got puzzled to see them having switched off all the lights except those in my area. The question was – what happened to the person who just went inside? I did not see him leaving the floor. He did not return after he went inside. And there were very less chances that I get into slumber-mode in office in evening times, as I usually get into it after lunch. So I was sure that I was awake enough to see any moving object. So, I got up and went in to see myself if he was there.

I doubted if he had left by another door in the darker opposite side, but the door was an emergency door and so not used as of my knowledge. As I went inside, I could not see the person anywhere. I went near the door to check if it could be opened.  The lock was there with a pasted print-out smiling at me saying ‘Use this only at emergency times’. The lock was sealed and the seal was intact.

I rushed out of the floor and office.

I was always like a curious kid who would ask for all kinds of dreadful real stories in day times, and ‘wet the bed’ shivering in night times.

Just before this incidence, I started reading more about theories of ghosts, haunting, their unexplained appearance and disappearance, the view of science over those useful/less ghosts. One of such books was – ‘Mankind and the mysteries’ (Tamil) – by Madhan [a popular history and science writer in Tamil, famous cartoonist, dialogue and story writer for few films]. The book touches upon the invisible powers that were witnessed in the earth – such as ghosts, telepathy, teleportation, Premonition, UFO, etc. Probably few of our mates here would have gone through it. Based on the explanations found there, I started hunting for them over internet to see the base of those claims.

Haunting of the manor… through forthcoming posts…



  1. LOL.. nice post.. I read it only coz of your death threat.. but it was worth reading 🙂

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