Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | July 18, 2009

TechKiddos – My tech blog..


I have started a technical blog  writing some useless stuff in .NET and possibly sharepoint. Probably it may help you or any of the visitor to kill time, as we only write about how we used technology to kill our time. It was not about teaching technology but about how  we got interested with few features of technology, and how we used it..

For ex., we built a model proxy-like (anonymizer) webpage which would read any (blocked) site content and show it to us, what would not be possible inside the corporate network. We also built a model site to download any file that is not allowed to be downloaded (because of size / blocked url) inside the corporate network. Also we did some funny stuff processing and tweaking Images inside the web page code, programmatically.. Any techno-hobbyists may find it useful..!!

The Url is :

It contains the following posts as of now.. Will update it frequently whenever I find time..

– How we developed a Model Proxy site (Anonymizer) with ASP.NET..
– How we developed a Proxy site (kinda Anonymizer) Part II..
– How we did Image Processing in ASP.NET..
– How we did Image Processing in ASP.NET – Part II..
– Response.Write(”Hello world!”);
– A straight way of Implementing Communicator Presence..
– How we used the Smart Tags [Communicator presence] in our applications..
– How we used the Query for Paging Technique to take the ‘N’th Row – Sql
– Making documents searchable (Full Text search & Indexing) on Sql Server – and the use of iFilters

This is just for your information.. 🙂


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