Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | July 18, 2009

Sex and the City – Tittle Tattle – PART II

After accepting many appreciations (Oh dudes, enough, my cap cannot hold any more feathers..!) and a greater number of stones thrown at, today I decided to come up with my next post on Sex and the City. In fact, that last post opened many doors for me to do a theoretical (Note – theoretical :-|) ‘research’ of an interesting world. It changed the way how people looked at me. Don’t shrink your face. I mean, how people viewed me. I did get some sort of reverence with the people I knew (including ‘few’ girls who I was afraid of). Probably they took me as a ‘learned’ man in the ‘subject’. Ahem, I do not have working knowledge, troubleshooting experiences, monitoring and control practices though.

Ok, I end my babbling here, and come to the matter. In the last post, the interesting topic for me was Retarded Ejaculation or Delayed Ejaculation (Henceforth referred to as DE). There is also another opposite type of ejaculation – which you would be aware of, after all, these years – Premature Ejaculation or Rapid Ejaculation (Henceforth referred to as PE).

 PE is when your female partner says, puzzled, – “Are you sure you did something?” Means it got over before it started. Means she did not feel your presence. Means, due to surge of emotions and urge to make love, you poured your love and ‘it’ before you intend to do so and before she expects you to do so. Means better luck next time, good night for now. Means you may have to face occasional indirect slams and slaps from your partner for the unsatisfied bedtime.

 DE is when your female partner says, baffled, – “Man, It is almost an hour, I finished reading this book and you are not yet done with the task!Means, you are synonymous to a two stroke engine. Means, it is a long way to go [although long before you started.]. Means, no orgasm seems to be in the offing, and you have to adopt other methodologies such as the famous “own-hand” (Self help is the best help!). Means, intercourse is a nightmare for your partner due to prolonged stroking.

 According to studies, with Premature Ejaculation, men ejaculate within two minutes. Another study says, 25%-40% of men in US are affected by PE. It does not mean that men in India do not have this problem. It certainly exists everywhere. Where there is a male-genital, there is PE (you thought, I would say ‘there is a female genital’?), researchers say. Most men experience PE at least once in their life, and mostly in their initial stages of sex life. It is a disorder if it persists to be there.

 With Delayed Ejaculation, men do not ejaculate easily, and it takes almost 30-45 minutes to ejaculate finally. It is also probable that most men do not reach orgasm in this case, and they achieve it only by masturbation. Alcohol addiction / a disease may cause this. It definitely causes physical irritation for the partner to stay in for 30-45 minutes of penetration, and causes mental irritation to see you sitting to masturbate for achieving orgasm, after all these irritating minutes 😉

 The good news is that, both disorders can be perfectly treated and cured. Both disorders have strong connection to mental stress and depending circumstances of the partners. There is something called – Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool, developed by Pfizer. When we say ‘Tool’, do not think of a gizmo which has few color light emitting diodes, meters, switches along with a ‘deep hole’ in its body to position the male-organ. [If it ever exists, many boys would marry the machine]. It is just a questionnaire to be used in a treatment along with few instruments for calculations. It can also be treated by some known techniques to improve your control over ejaculation. [Remember, Masters and Johnson’s technique in the first post?]

 Delayed ejaculation is treated by some other techniques such as sex toys and mental training too. If it is caused by a disease, then the disease is first treated. The average success rate of treatment in this case is 70-80%.

 And an additional suggestion from the experts is, do not expect it to be perfect at the first time. We cannot score a century in our first match. In fact, expecting it to be perfect puts a pressure into your mind and you lose concentration on pleasure and enjoyment (which is the natural way to perfection). The saying ‘Do it right the first time’ applies to only our buggy software coding and not for sexual adventures. Concentrate, Give pleasure and also take pleasure.

 Tidbits: The acronym IELT stands for Intra-vaginal Ejaculatory Latency Time. And you thought it always stands for International English Language Test. Next time when someone tells you that he/she studies / prepares for IELT, don’t be a schmuck 😉

 See ya.



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