Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | June 30, 2009

Che Guevara and Chacha Nehru..!

From Manor of the Ardent:

It has been a while since I wrote something in our dear blog – manor of the ardent [By the way, did you notice reversing of ‘mota’ results in ‘ATOM’? Wow, man..]. “Oh, you wrote something?” – I can feel the rising of your eye-brows. Well, I did not write quite a lot. But actually I wanted to. Loads of it. Inspired by few people here, I wanted to write something motivational and patriotic. Inspired by few others, I wanted to write about Life. Inspired by some, I wanted to write mysterious yet meaningful posts. Inspired by the rest, I wanted to be the fun-centre with hilarious posts. But there is this saying, – “..thus the Lord said to the gathering, ‘Behold my people, Truth shalt always suck with thy Boopalan’..“. Yes, it went on to suck from then.

With all that inspiration, I sat to think, think, and think on what to write, staring at my laptop. A deep thinking. A silent, in-depth thinking. A peaceful thinking that can only be attained in a meditative state. Guess what, Yes, Before my laptop reached hibernation state, I reached it. To be precise, I slept. Few new assignments did not let me to take a slumber in office, and that took its toll on my mid-night blogging, mates! Father, forgive my Project Lead, for he did not know what he was doing! [to our blog and me, by assigning tasks!]

(No, I did not watch the Passion of the Christ movie this evening!) Today, right now, I decided to write something. The result of what, is you suffering from reading the above paragraphs. Ok, I stop all my blabberings right here, and try to make some sense in the below paragraphs. [if I don’t,.. forget it, it is our fate!]

When I was reading about Che Guevara, a revolutionary whom I admire the most after me [ahem!..], I wondered if he ever visited India in his life. I wanted to know what his opinion was about India. [Good that he is not alive. Otherwise, the world cannot sustain two revolutionaries, visionaries and titans. Do you still ask who the other one is?]

But interestingly, after few searches, I came to know that he visited India. An article in the Finance Express cited the following:

I should quote what he [che] wrote after visiting India in the same year of the triumph of the Revolution, 1959: “Nehru welcomed us with the friendly familiarity of a patriarchal grandfather, but with noble interest for the concerns and struggles of the Cuban people and made recommendations of extraordinary value, while showing samples of an unconditional affection towards our cause.” – in an article titled ‘Che, an icon and friend of India’ written by a-person-i-don’t-want-to-know.

Nehru? Welcomed? Ok, then further searches for information yielded me this below piece from a book – ‘Che Guevara’ written by some Jon Lee Anderson.

Ahem.. Ah, Mr. Comandante, how pleased I am, that you have liked India!




  1. Book-result: From Google Books preview.
    Che Image: From Wikipedia.

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