Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | June 19, 2009

The Great Comeback..

On starting a collaborative blog with fellow corporate bloggers [Published in the ‘Manor of the Ardents’]

Having a collaborative blog such as this, helps us [at least me] in several ways. First, I am already tired of seeing enough of Bid-adieu kind of posts in the corporate blog which leave a vaccum in my mind upon mere reading. I’m sure I am not going to write a good-bye post here unless I choose to go to afterworld. [may be, the shortcut to afterworld is reading my posts myself repeatedly 😉 or reading Ed-Cohen’s mail repeatedly (By the way, why his mails do not contain a statuory warning – ‘reading my mails is injurious to health’?)].  Second, since we are not going to bid farewell to this space, People stay in touch forever (when they destined to do so). Third, I don’t have to howl over that there is no platform for my tittle-tattle posts [Boo, here too..?] and I can write to eternity with an assured base of cursed souls a.k.a readers. Fourth, it looks like a lonely natural island in mid of a ocean, where we live happily, peacefully, without any ‘disturbances’. (Probably this will cause an extreme boredom so that we start fighting with each other after sometime to add up spice to the discussions). Fifth, it would become a routine activity in the morning like bed-coffee, mail-checking (blog-checking?), looking for a refreshing read.

Having given a usual thesis on the benefits of this blog, I would like to say how special such initiatives are. [Ok, another lengthy paragraph guaranteed!]. We needed a change and shifted here. It is when we seek a change deliberately, better ideas are born. Such ideas led to the development of other successful platforms such as orkut, twitter etc. [Man, what are you up to?]. Ok, before fumes get blown out of your ears, I would put down what I came to say.

I just initiate a fun-post-series here. I answer few questions in this post and forward the same questions to one more blogger among us. The concerned blogger should, within 12 hours, answer them [add those questions to his / her next post] and publish. In the post, the blogger should forward it to another person [who should not be among the bloggers who received it already]. You may also add / remove questions before you forward it [you don’t need to answer the newly added ones].We would get to know better and people would start posting  😉

1. What do you think you are passionate about?
    –  Books [don’t think naughty!]. Books of science, historical novels, interesting incidents / tales from history, mystery, etc.

2. Interest in Cinema and Politics?
    – If not for Cinema and Politics, Tamilnadu would be a desert these days. Definitely I hold greater interest in these areas.  [One thing I read, the Maniratnam film ‘Roja’ / ‘Rose’ now goes Hollywood, after an english dubbing – titled as ‘The rose’.]

3. One good thing you want to happen in India, for people – Long term
    – Access to quality and homogeneous education for all. I would like to work towards that.

4. One good thing you want to happen for yourself – Short term
   – No further salary cut.

5. One good thing you want to happen for this community of bloggers – Long term
    – May they gain wisdom and inner-mind enlightenment by reading my revolutionary(!) posts. (Oh, have some patience, please!)

6. A frank thing you want to say about one of the bloggers here.
    – I and my friend used to have fun over Savita’s posts. We read every post of the recent times. Some we enjoy, some we laugh at, some we make fun of (due to that advice-tone). The most fun we had over the posts – ‘Thief’ and ‘Words’.

7. Flirted?
    – With many. Responses were positive . 😀

8. Loved?
    – Oh, good question, Keep it up. Ok, what is the next question?

8. Loved?
    – hello, Are you deaf (or blind !)? what is the next question?

8. Loved?
    – Yes, I love my job, I love my parents, I love my laptop, Now Ok?  I know this is cheesy answer! Can you move to the next question?

8. Loved?
    –  Oh, I would certainly tell you when my fall starts, i.e, when I fall in.
9. A country you want to visit?
    – England (and Srilanka, if multiple choice answers are allowed).

10. Belief in God?
    – I believe in one supreme power which does not make any mistake in its work, which runs this universe, and which does not seem to get bored of creation process even after producing billions of creatures.

11. One thing you would surely do to uplift this poor country.
    – Continuing the dreams. Praying to be unaffected by any circumstances which may push to deviate, from pursuing those dreams.

12. One secret about you.
    – I sucked my right thumb all nights during sleeping, till towards the end of my sixth standard. 😀

I forward all these questions to DEEPAK KUMAR. Deepak, now this is your turn to answer all those and forward questions of your wish to another. Don’t forget – 12 hours. Since this is the first turn, you take a tolerance level, + 3 hours. Before this evening..!

By the bye, you did not ask why I titled this post as ‘the great comeback..’  He.. he.. he.., why would you ask all those things at the end of the post?..


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