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Joseph Stalin

A translation , by me, of the first chapter of a book I recently finished reading.

In that almost-abandoned, forest-like area was this house, in a corner that can hardly get one’s attention. A very old house, that was intentionally covered with bush-like formation of plants and trees. An outsider would seldom hear / know any incident inside the house. Even if a murder takes place. And, that is why a murder took place there.

The person who was assassinated there is – Leon Trotsky. One of the very few names, that comes to one’s mind when hearing about Soviet Russia. A close ally of Lenin. A great thinker, who had thousands of admirers beyond the borders. Please note, only beyond the borders.

Trotsky was a great leader for men who has only hates for Stalin, yet he is a devil-to-be-eliminated for men who celebrate Stalin. Trotsky knew this. And so he chose to roam country after country, not staying anywhere permanently. The last country, he found a shelter in, is Mexico – Coyoacon capital city.

August 20, 1940. Noon.

The door of the house, which Trotsky stayed in, was knocked. A shiver went through the nerves of Trotsky, who did not realize the dropping off of the book from the hand, in fear.

‘Who is out there, today?’

Even the rustles from the tree, could cause a goose bump in Trotsky’s body whose dread got added every minute. He thought that he was followed secretly by somebody. somebody? None other than Stalin’s secret agents. Trotsky whispered, ‘He is not going to let me live. He is never going to. If not today, it is tomorrow. And if not tomorrow, it is the day-after, that I would face an end’. The situation had pushed Trotsky to the extreme, that he held trust in none around.

Knocking of the door, again.

Making up his mind, Trotsky got up from his seat, and headed towards the door. Opened the door, Trotsky saw a man standing out, with a book in his hand. He smiled at Trotsky. Trotsky smiled at him back. ‘Oh, You?’

‘Trotsky, I have something to talk to you.’

‘Come in,’.

Entered the room, the man looked around, and sat in the chair. ‘I brought a hand-written article and I want you to go through it. Would be great if you can make corrections, Sir. It’s an important one. Explains why I am here to seek your help.’

‘Why not? Give it, let me see.’

Trotsky started reading the article aloud. The man stood up. He put his overcoat away, over the table. He touched his pocket once, and ensured ‘the thing’ was there in it. Trotsky took notice of nothing. He was involved in reading the article deeply.
He stood quietly for a minute, after which he swiftly took ‘the thing’ out of his pocket. ‘The thing’ – an icepick. A strong, sharp, long knife used by people who used to climb icy mountains.

A second. Just a second. The icepick pierced into the skull of Trotsky.

     ***                    ***

Trotsky’s cries echoed into the region and he was bleeding to death. Bewildered assassin, tried to flee away only to get caught by Trotsky’s personal guards. Standing at the edge of the death, Trotsky screamed, ‘Don’t have him killed.’

Trotsky left the world calmly, the next day.

   ***                       ***

His name was Ramon Mercader. A secret agent of Soviet Intelligence, whose code name was Gnome.

Officials at Sovient Intelligence agency, summoned him one day. ‘The person in this photograph, currently lives at hidden place at Mexico. Take down the address. Have him finished.’ He reached Mexico with the use of an officially-made fake passport.

He just watched the house for days. A lot of security personnels. ‘Cant mess up with them’. He decided to wait for some more time. He watched the frequent visitors to the house. A woman frequented the house. She was the personal secretary of Trotsky. Her home was near and she was unmarried. He befriended her, frequented the house with her, got acquainted with the guards and finally with Trotsky. Finally he sent him to the underworld.

Guards handed him over to Mexican police. He uttered not a word out. A twenty years imprisonment was sentenced against him. When he got released, Russia brought him back to homeland safely.

The world then came to know who Mercader killed Trotsky for, only after the fall of Soviet Union. But Trotskyists knew it decades ago.

Joseph Stalin !



  1. The Book is about the Russian Communist Leader – Joseph Stalin

    Book Title – Sarvam Stalin Mayam, Language – Tamil, Author – Marudhan

  2. Nice……
    I could feel the tension.. don’t knw whether it is the writing or whether it’s because I’ve to ask my PM for leave…

    • :-@
      I think it is the second one..!! Btw, I wish he does not grant leave.

      • It’s for PGB’s engagement, yaar

  3. @Boo,
    bro is it’s english translation available?

    • @Hashir,

      I hope not, bro. But I’ll check on this, and if its exact english version is not available, I’ll come up with an equivalent biography book of Great dictator Stalin. 🙂

  4. Thanks for article. It is very imformative stuff.
    I really like to read

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