Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | May 16, 2009

Sex and the City – Tittle Tattle

Don’t know how you will take this post!

 Months back, my friend Surjith has written in our cBlog about ‘Sexual dimorphism’. Although, till date, I did not understand what Sexual dimorphism is or I did not care to read it fully, I remember one interesting question that he asked at the end of the post. In fact, with a wide grin, I accept that was the first thing which got my attention. He had asked ‘do you know which animal has the largest male-genital to body-size ratio?’ [Question rephrased]

 I, innocently (really?), but sarcastically, suggested a horse or elephant as the answers in the comments section. No, don’t ever think that I suggested my name! [Anyhow his answer, at the end of this post] See, whether having a cBlog would improve the organization’s knowledge management or not, I am not sure, but having a cBlog would definitely help us to have such nice and effective closed discussions which may help us in the ‘future’.

 One of the other internet blogs, for which I am a regular reader, had written about Spam mails and their interesting subjects (most spam mails I receive here, would deal about the improvement in ‘size’ and they discussed about it too), and asked ‘Does size matter to Indians too?’[It is a blog by NRIs from USA]. A good percentage of women seem to be worried on this too. [Again, don’t ask ‘How do you know?’ as I am not going to tell you anyhow and this is according to the studies.]

 The same blog has come up with another post after sometime, about ‘the discount coupon system’ that they get with daily newspapers in USA. The coupon is just for anything – like they would give a coupon of $2 discount on haircut on a salon, etc. So, they discussed about a coupon for ‘Arousal gel for her’ and they touched upon the topic of Arousal gels. I elaborate a little here, on what I replied these posts. (Damn!)

 First on Size part! Probably I have nothing new to tell you, since you would have understood the concept by means of self-exploration and studies. A painter should not have a brush that is too big to paint. A satisfactory length will do. Similarly, the wish of having bigger genitals arises only from the ‘attraction psychology’ or fantasy. The global average erectile length ranges between 5 inches to 7 inches [Wikipedia]. No need to worry, even if it is slightly lesser or greater than these standards. The sensitive back area of Clitoris [they would term it as G-Spot, BlogSpot and all that jazz…] normally lies between 3 to 4.5 inches distance. If the length is able to satisfy this range, it is a fair piece. Go party. (Whatever you get to see in films, don’t believe it ;-). It is a marketing requirement for them 😀)

Secondly, they questioned in the blog why there are no arousal gels for men to have prolonged erection. I read sometime ago, Masters and Johnson [researchers on Human sexual responses] had proved that Healthy Men’s erection can last only for two to four minutes during vaginal intercourse, and anything beyond this limit will be considered as a disorder. For ex., a disorder called ‘Retarded ejaculation’, if had, would make a man have a prolonged erection [till 30-45 minutes], and causes nothing but irritation to both partners [due to friction]. As claimed by famous sexologist Dr.Narayana reddy, Women don’t expect men to involve in prolonged erection and vaginal intercourse. Instead they adore men who involve in extended-and-enjoyable foreplay, followed by a satisfying intercourse that guides to orgasm.

For these interesting articles,

 Also, the pressure of having a child, as imposed by relatives sometimes, is to be avoided during bedtime. Taking a hot-water bath regularly would affect male fertility, as sperms die due to the heat. In ancient times, when there were no family-planning methodologies, the couple would sit a hot-water bathtub for few minutes, and then involve in sex, I read. [How they knew!]. Similar effect may be produced when we wear tight jeans, travel frequently, sit in the same place for long [even with A/C], ride bikes so often, working in hot areas, etc.

 That’s all. J . Ok, answer to Surjith’s question:

The answer is Barnacles. Barnacles are small anthropods (phylum including spiders, scorpions, insects, crustaceans (prawns, mussels etc) etc.) They are exclusively marine and they attach themselves permanently to some rocks in shallow sea water. (They are similar to the creatures we call “kakka” in malayalam. Maybe it’s the same in Tamil. One more clue is that kakka (muscles) are used to make lime (Calcium carbonate))…

Anyway, these creatures have male-genitals which are 8 times their body size!!! They can reach up to 15 cm (6 in) in length…

Now you know why I hate this Surjith. Somebody, for god-sake, please forbid his access to wikipedia!

 Technical Point and History Corner will find place in next tittle-tattle post.


~ BJ ~



  1. I loved the concept…loved the presentation…loved the subtle tone with which you have presented the so hush-hush topics

  2. he..he.. Thank you 😉

  3. I wouldn’t know what’s subtle in this article 🙂 .. It’s all explicit 😛

  4. BTW, Nice one… One of the nicest writing I’ve read for some time now

    • It is nice, because it starts discussion with surjith and ends it with surjith.. 😉

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