Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | April 7, 2009

Tittle-Tattle – 2

You heard this name – Mayilsamy Annadurai? What is he? You would have heard this name lately last year. Answer at the end of the post.

OK. You seem to be ready for some information digestion now, again with Tittle-Tattle post.


I have this habit of reading books. And it makes me stand at each book-shop on the way until my mother bangs me with whatever she has in hand and orders me to move. (She has something in hand or not, the degree of pain is a constant). Since it is not a good idea to purchase books often, when variable pay encounters a blow, I had to revise my book-purchasing policy. I restricted myself for Second-sale / low cost edition books temporarily whereas the purchase of weekly magazines would continue unaffected.


In one of the weekly magazines (Ananda Vikatan), I came across an Interview of Mayilsamy Annadurai. Being the Project director of Chandrayaan, he had answered few questions which were interesting. One of them was to – ‘Is this really necessary to launch Chandrayaan spending hundreds of crores at this time of national economic downturn?’ Even I had similar thoughts, not for the downturn but for landing on Moon which was already accomplished by other countries sounded unexciting. And personally I stood against ISRO, since it had set up a tough-to-crack question paper for junior scientist exam four years ago. 😉


His answer: We spent Rs.386 Crores for Chandrayaan. The expenditure would have crossed four times of it, if it was done in and by NASA. The control station built for it at the cost of Rs.120 Crores is the biggest in Asia. We give it for rent to other countries, USD 25000 per hour. The life of this station is estimated to be around 25 years and this is one of the important launching stations in Asia now.


Developed countries such as Russia and Japan are now ready to launch satellites from here, thanks to the success of Chandrayaan. Three Orders have been received so far from European countries, Malaysia and Singapore to make Satellites.


Chandrayaan supports the flawless functioning of 100000 ATM centres across India. It helps in enabling Tele-medicine facilities in the country, so that doctors in Bangalore can treat patients in Andaman. It is a case study for us to launch satellites with easier methods and it will further help in researching manned mission to Moon. Chandrayaan Satellite is capable of carrying equipments of 2.5 times more than the satellites of US and Russia do. Indian Scientists have achieved all these in four years. And so the expenditure is one fourth of the actual.” Probably the Reporter should have got tired by the time he answered. K


History Corner: Seleucus – general of Alexander, crossed the river Indus to conquer Asia but confronted with King Sandrocottus at the banks of the river. The vast army of Sandrocottus contained an infantry of six hundred thousand men, cavalry of thirty thousand, twenty thousand chariots and eight thousand elephants which looked like an ocean of men. Needless to say, King Sandrocottus won the battle and it was an important battle in the history of Asia which was one of the reasons that stopped Alexander in further expanding his empire in Asia. The Indian name of the King Sandrocottus is – King ChandraGupta. ChandraGupta Mourya! J


Technical Corner: In PM. ‘Work always expands to take the time allowed’ – Parkinson’s Law


End of the Post: If you are still searching for the answer here innocently, you are a victim of severe stress / you are lazy today / you don’t like to read my posts completely. I suggest you take a rest for the first two cases. Read this post completely twice in the last case – as a punishment. J



  1. Nice info mate. But I can’t understand how Chandrayan supports the functioning of ATMs etc. Isn’t is supposed to be orbiting the moon? (Don’t tell moon orbits earth etc,,,) Just being skeptic… Anyway it’s given an interesting topic for exploring

    • Have to ask only Chandrayaan Project director.. After all, he said it.. Btw, I think it also carried some other satellites which were part of this mission..

  2. And how did you know about the greek name for ChandraGupta Mourya?

    • In a book written by Madhan, that Ki.Mu- Ki.pi [in tamil] which means A.D – B.C about major historical events in the world.. He mentioned that in Greek books, ChandraGupta was referred to as ‘AndroCottus’.. While searching for this detail, i further got this name – SandroCottus..!!

      • use “k” instead of “c” :-),,,, I didn’t knw that you were such a profound reader.

        He is a techie… he is a reader … he is app thread as well as a knowledge base…

        Starring Boops… BOOPALAN.. coming soon……

  3. Ok, now you have something to make fun of.. 😀

    btw, there are various forms for that name, just like indianized names would have different spellings and forms.. Like Antony – Anthony – Anthoniyar – andhoni – etc.

    Sandrocottus – sandrokottos – sandrocottos – sandrokotos – etc..!

  4. yeah but usualy greek uses k, not c…. not that it makes any difference… afterall his name was chandragupta……

    • yeah.. Another info from that book was – Chandragupta had a personal commando-like body to guard him. And all of them were women. Because chandragupta believed that under any critical circumstances, women have the higher degree of reflex to act and decide wisely.. Megasthanes [a visitor to India from Greek] has written about that I heard.

  5. it’s like debating whether to call you boobs or boops…. 😛

    You can delete this if it is “inappropirate” for an internet bliog….i.e. if you can delete other peoples replies….

  6. Hmm one more of the Boo’s potential has come to the lime light…May be i gues we need to write a script on this guy and make a movie out of it..sooner or the later, i will do it man….

  7. ” The care of the king’s person is entrusted to women, who also are bought from their parents. The guards and the rest of the soldiery attend outside the gates. A woman who kills the king when drunk becomes the wife of his successor. The sons succeed the father. The king may not sleep during the daytime, and by night he is obliged to change his couch from time to time, with a view to defeat plots against his life. ”

    – Megasthenes, in Indika
    [Google cache link:

  8.… tech blog.. seemed nice at first sight… haven’t explored a lot… Now you can flame me for bringing tech into this blog.. go on…

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