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Are you aware that this year’s PadmaBhushan awardees list contained a C.S.Seshadri? My question is – who is this Seshadri? If you knew it, well, nothing great about it, pat-on-back yourself..! If you don’t know, nothing bad about it, for that you are going to know it at the end of this post.

Now, you may be thinking what this post is up to. I do not have any-(boring)-thing in particular to talk on, this time. But I have multiple-boring-things (;-)) that I have heard, read and learnt. So the title of tittle-tattle.

 How would you imagine a company that has an approximate 140 years history? With big skyscrapers? Oh, yes. With a success story of more than 100 years? Probably Not. This company was started as a Paper Manufacturing company first. It went on to transform into a chemicals company. It had manufactured plastic then. Then it started to produce some basic electronic items, but nothing yielded a business success. Company directors hired an executive to evaluate and determine if they should dismantle the electronics unit. The executive’s report made the company get into rapid-growth-track. The company is, today, known as what you call – Nokia Corporation. Its success history only dates back to 20 years although it has an age of about 143 years!

 Google-supported-developers out there! Be proud! One of the very first Operating systems – QDOS was written by a true and dedicated [Note: true and dedicated!] developer and it was sold for around USD 25000. Seems like a good amount at that time? Well, QDOS [Quick and Dirty OS] was written by Seattle Computer Products [SCP] and it was sold to the-then-small company called Micro-Soft.  Micro-soft was in an agreement with IBM and it had conveniently hidden the fact that it bought the OS for IBM. Because Bill Gates simply did not know to write an OS although he was good at writing software. What he did was – bought QDOS [or SCP DOS]- quickly made few changes & renamed it to PC-DOS – sold it to IBM. I do not have any information if the company SCP still exists or if the original OS developer had switched his job to Micro-Soft later. 😀

  Just give me a feedback, if you have read these books, which are due for me to read..!

   Malgudi days – R.K.Narayan [Note: not K.R] – English – Half-read, so far so good

  A Time to Kill – John Grisham – English – Not even opened once.

  How Opal Mehta got kissed got wild and got a life [Nice, you think, eh ;-)] – Kaavya viswanathan – English – Not even dusted it off after buying.

History Corner:

Spartans were always known for their strong stance and valor in the battlefield.

An anecdote has it that when Philip II [Father of Alexander the Great] sent a message to Sparta saying “If I enter Laconia, I will level Sparta to the ground,” the Spartans responded with the single, terse reply: “If.”

Something technical: [Optional to read :-D]

In Project management,

Goldratt Principle: A project will accumulate delays, but will never accumulate gains.


Because, if I have finished a task early, do you think, I would start the next task immediately? That is not going to happen, until the actual start time as per the schedule comes. I am not nuts! This happens with almost everyone. Goldratt calls this as Student Effect.


End of the post. The answer is, He is an Indian mathematician, Director of Chennai Mathematical institute. His work in the field was so eminent that a mathematical constant was named after him – Seshadri Constant (Wow!). Media seemed worried only on why abishek bachan [?!?!] could not get a padma award.



See ya!


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