Posted by: Boopalan Jayaraman | March 23, 2009

Why do I move to an Internet Blog!

I have been doing this blogging stuff only for some months. But I have been watching this space for some years now. To say ‘watching‘ has an advantage here! That is, you do not know, if I had been really watching and so it gives me a freedom to say that I had been watching this for aeons.

In the corporate blogging world, I was making my part [a little though], and.. ok, I now hear you are about to scream with fumes out of your ears, what  the hell made me to move to an Internet Blog. Cool! The reason is simple. To spread my revolutionary thoughts and opinions and transform this world? No, it is only because;

I sit idle for considerably more time. [I hate my friend Baalaji in this regards. He has loads of work that look unlikely to get completed any sooner. Damn Surjith is to join this league as he gets into a new project! ]

So, it is not enough to bother only the corporate users. Now it is that this blog can be viewed by almost anyone [thank god, my dad and mom does not know to work on  internet!] and my target audience for torturing gets widened. But I am sure that I would not replace a medieval torture machine and when compared to my best pal surjith’s guitar playing [He is a beginner after all. Long way to go, for greater tortures..!], my blogging would be more soothing..

So, bloggers out there! Hey..!



  1. Good day, WordPress..!

  2. This commenting system is so crapppy… It ate up my comments just because I didn’t give e-mail ID

  3. btw, go and update the “about” page

  4. AND you are moderating comments? You too boo???? What would you possibly want to moderate?

    • It had that option set by default and I did not notice.. Anyhow, I can decide to approve or reject your comments based on the severity of bashing me..!

    • Btw, the option – “Commenting author must have a previouly approved comment” is checked under settings. So it came for moderation for ur first comment.

  5. alright…. In his infinite urge to increase the comments in this post, boo has doggedly pestered me to make one more comment, in the pretext of checking whether modreation has been removed.

    • Bloody baskar..! I asked you to record your first comment [which you it ate up]..

    • why do you give the readers [although there will be none] a false projection about me 😉 ?

  6. Ok Mr.Surjith,

    You don’t seem to be worried about my comments on your guitar playing skills! Finally you have understood that a fact cannot be changed – even if you bark a hundred times 😀 Oh my god..!

  7. To all hypothetical readers of Boo’s blog. I have to make some clarifications in case anyone chance upon this……well….blog. Boo is NOT the kind of person who’d do things like comment on his own post, ask friends to comment on his blog at knifepoint/gunpoint etc….[okay boo, please deactivate the bomb now….]

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